Christ of the Deep
Snapper Ledge
Spiegel Grove
Molasses Reef
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fuel prices

Rec 90: $3.499
Diesel: $2.999 

Hours of Operation:
7:30 AM to 5:00 PM
365 days a year!

Call for early or late appointment.
Appointment Fills 100 Gallon Minimum
Call 800-451-1113

weather reef report
Key Largo
few clouds



Visibility- 50 ft

Current- Light

Wind- SE 15 kts

Seas- 3 ft

*Snapper ledge:*

Visibility- 40 ft

Current- Light

Wind- ESE 12 kts

Seas- 3 ft

A little bumpy out there but the diving is great and the water is warming
up! Hope to see ya diving soon smile

Lionfish Safari Dives 2016
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